Wedding books

The Wedding book concept

After these long hours deciding on so many details for your wedding to make it the perfect day, you will probably think that choosing your photographer is very important. We know the expectations are high from us as we will be the one to capture the very essence of the day. But even if our photos turn out great on your computer , isn’t it important to have something to handle and share ? Have you heard of the Wedding Book ?

The Wedding Book is not just an album but a complete process of creation to produce a collection of books for you, your family and your friends. Choose from the most beautiful personalised silk covers, premium Italian leathers or soft Alcantara to envelope your most treasured moments. Inside we will, using the latest digital technology, create a timeless story book published just for you.

With stunning layouts and beautiful yet subtle effects, your wedding book is carefully designed with style. You will be involved in the design process to see your book virtually on line.

Gamme Ecosse ou Série L

Livres série L

This design is then printed using either Digital Lazer printing technology for a crisp sharp image on photographic paper or Digital Offset, which is a wet ink process that gives a much more subtle print for the more classical.

Now comes the really clever bit : a totally new binding process; this allows full double page panoramic printing without cracks or seams down the middle where the subtle fold allows pages in the book to lay flat. Bound using covers of your choice this book will become one of your families treasures.

Our starting price is 570 Euros for a Wedding book, with our « J » line BOOKS, so give it a look!

We work with the best book manufacturers in the world (from France, Italy, Portugal, Japan, UK, Australia and U.S.) to provide a wide variety of cover designs and more printed paper choice.

The options

In addition to this priceless book, we also offer you some smaller sizes as perfect presents for your parents, special friends and guests. Produced to the same exacting standards as the main book they will bring a whole new meaning to the word reprint.

Gamme Portugal Livre K

Livres série K

In many sizes like 12″x8″ (30x20cm),10″x7″(25x19cm), 8″x6″(15x20cm) or 6″x4″(13x9cm), these exact copies of the wedding book will be treasured for life!